Annual volume of timber transportation
1, 5 million tons
Annual volume of grain transportation exceeding
500 thousand tons per year
Continuous supply of new grain and
timber to year-end 2018


Operator of a private fleet of new wagons,
grain carriers and flatcars, transporting timber
and grain cargoes across the entire railways network
of Russia, the Baltic States, the CIS and China.


Ecoline LLC does not lease cars and / or place them under operational management through representatives acting on the basis of a power of attorney!

Please contact the Rental Department directly to confirm your offer.

2 500
grain wagon units
2 900
flatcar units

We operate our own fleet /
leased fleet

wagon delivery guarantee upon approved orders
operational interaction with branches and structural subdivisions of JSC Russian Railways
cost of services at owner-level

We work with all types of clients

carriage by wagon and group shipments
possibility of negotiating one-time and long-term contracts
customer focus

we know the market and
service-provision specifics well

each employee with 5 years' experience in transportation organization

priority of client interests

flexible pricing
development of joint solutions to improve the provision of customer wagons
assistance in cooperation with JSC Russian Railways

our clients

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