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From September 19 to 20, 2019, the annual conference KazakhGrainExport-2019 was successfully held. Due to its convenient geographical location, Istanbul, the largest commercial, economic, port and cultural center of Turkey, was chosen as the venue of the event this year. The organizers of the event were the OUL "Grain Union of Kazakhstan" and IA "APK-Inform.

The conference was favorably distinguished by a wide selection of participants and speakers from various countries, such as Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, etc., representing both consumers/buyers of agricultural products of Kazakhstan and suppliers/producers of agricultural products. Recall that Kazakhstan is in the TOP 15 world wheat producers and in the TOP 10 world grain exporters.  Within the framework of the conference, the Director of the Grain Cargo Transportation Department of Ecoline LLC

Anton Mishin held several working meetings: negotiations were held with major barley traders, intentions were recorded to attract the Ecoline LLC fleet to transport in the direction of Aktau-Port (Exp.). Cooperation will contribute to an increase in shipments in this direction by 20% compared to the previous year. We also managed to communicate with the current partners of the company. The chains of flax delivery from Kazakhstan to European countries through the Baltic ports were discussed, and the possibility of the participation of the grain carrier fleet of Ecoline LLC in the delivery of cargo to ports. Thus, the logistics of cargo transportation from Kazakhstan will be supplemented by another direction of transportation, which has a significant potential and can take up 30% of the monthly volume of export shipments of the Ecoline LLC fleet from Kazakhstan.   

Large agricultural producers of Kazakhstan, such as Atameken-Agro, within the framework of organized platforms, informed everyone present about the current state of the harvest in Kazakhstan: trends and trends in the balance of cultivated crops and prospects for the development of the existing line of crops that will be more or less actively grown in the future. In turn, large consumers expressed their positions and wishes for the qualitative characteristics of Kazakh products, especially durum wheat, which is used for the production of Italian, Spanish pasta (pasta). The issue of the sale of Kazakh barley was considered separately: the problems of the main buyer - Iran, related to solvency, gives food for thought to Kazakh grain traders and producers in further deliveries, or the search for new markets.  

At the end of KazakhGrainExport-2019, everyone took the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers