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Congratulations on the Forester's Day!

On the third Sunday of September, the day is celebrated, which is dedicated to the caring owners of the forest. People increase the wealth of forests by their work, they make sure that forest resources are used rationally and for their intended purpose.

Nowadays, Forest Worker's Day is celebrated in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. After all, the forest protects people ecologically, provides materials for the development of economic industry, and the stability of the economy is based on it. Not only the forest industry and foresters in particular should take care of the preservation of forests, but also the entire population of the country, which should understand that the forest is wealth.

About a third of the land is covered with forests, and the area of all forests on the planet is about 38 million square kilometers. A quarter of this vast territory is located in the north, and half is in the tropics. The Russian forest covers about eight million square kilometers.

We sincerely congratulate all forest workers on their professional holiday! You're doing a great job!