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Participation of Ecoline LLC in the RZS conference on September 07, 2017 at the Azimut Hotel Olympic (Moscow) Ecoline LLC took part in the conference "Black Sea grain and oilseeds", which is becoming increasingly popular among grain market participants.

The organizers were the Russian Grain Union and the Institute of Agricultural Market Conjuncture with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the organized conference, the problems of legislative support and state regulation of the Russian grain market, new trends in the world grain and oilseed markets, grain quality in the new season and many others were considered.  

There were also several presentations by Russian and foreign experts on the current situation in the global and regional markets of grain and oilseeds trade and a number of important issues were raised on the problems of the next record grain harvest in the Russian Federation (according to estimates of a number of experts 130-135 million tons).

A large number of representatives from different countries and different fields of activity, linear and port elevators, quality assessment services, analytical services and media representatives honored this event with their presence.