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Grain traders of Ukraine complain about problems with exports to the EU since January 1, 2016

The association "Ukrainian Grain Association" (UZA) appealed to the government of the country about the problems with the registration of agricultural exports to the EU. These problems, which have arisen since Ukraine joined the FTA with the EU, were the result of a new procedure for processing export cargoes (grain and processed products, as well as vegetable oil), which entered into force on January 1. This procedure provides for the issuance of a EUR1 certificate issued for each shipment. According to UZ, the export was blocked due to the difficulties and ambiguities of the implementation of the provisions on the registration of the certificate.

The subject authorized to issue certificates has also changed – if earlier it was the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (CCI), then from January 1 - the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFS). Recall, as reported by the Russian Railways Partner, as a result of the reorganization of the public administration system of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service received the powers of two departments – tax and customs. UZ called on the government to develop a unified procedure for issuing a cargo certificate required in the EU and approve an exhaustive list of documents submitted for this purpose.

"The corresponding situation arose in connection with the change in the procedure for issuing the EUR1 certificate and the list of documents confirming the origin of the goods," the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine explained. The Ministry proposed to solve the problem at the interdepartmental level and promised prompt removal of obstacles. "The parties came to an agreement to find an acceptable solution for business and domestic agricultural exports as soon as possible," the Ministry of Agrarian Policy said. 

Vladimir Katkevich