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Ecoline LLC is putting into operation a new rolling stock. "As part of the investment development program, Ecoline LLC is putting into operation a new rolling stock – grain carriers model 19-7503-01/02 manufactured by the Kryukovsky Car Building Plant.

PJSC KVSZ traces its long-standing pedigree, starting in 1869. KVSZ today is a large multinational company, a unique enterprise of a mixed type, where railway transport of various types, including grain hoppers, is created and manufactured at one production site.

The plant's products have proven themselves well on the roads of more than 20 countries, differing in reliability and excellent performance during operation. Our attention was attracted by the hopper grain truck model 197503-01. These wagons compare favorably with the rolling stock currently running on the network, are characterized by a high load capacity of 70.5 tons, an increased cubic capacity of the body volume of 116 cubic meters.

At the moment, 200 grain carriers have already been purchased. The company plans to further develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the Kryukov plant.