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On April 21, Ecoline took part in the conference: "Russian Timber and Lumber Market 2017", which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel Moscow in Moscow.

The organizer of the event is MAXConference company. At the exhibition, Ecoline presented a key area of its activity, demonstrating a model of a logging truck platform model 13-9997 at the stand.  

The company owns 1,600 such wagons. This year, the conference discussed topics such as: Trends in the global logging and wood processing market, the potential consequences of the expected introduction of a ban on the export of birch

Innovations in forestry and related legislation. Initiatives of industry departments Pricing, trading instruments (over-the-counter and exchange trading), foreign and regional experience in trade, formation of trade standards Regional and foreign experience in wood processing.

Expansion of the assortment  Prospects for the transition of tenants of forest plots to an intensive model of use and reproduction of forests Crisis with the presence of railway rolling stock: platforms, gondola cars, woodchip trucks.

Assessment of the level of bids. Problems of forest removal from harvesting sites Throughout the event, specialists from forest transportation departments and departments worked at the Ecoline stand to promptly organize meetings and negotiations.